WIRSOL – The Largest Renewable Energy Developer in Australia

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WIRSOL Energy – The largest integrated renewable energy developer in Australia.

WIRSOL Energy Pty Ltd has been officially positioned as the largest developer actively building assets in the market today – with the forecast of securing the title as largest owner of operating solar projects by the end of Q4 2018 (SERAnalytics, November 2017).

With extensive experience in the development, construction and operation of solar projects across Europe, WIRSOL Energy, a subsidiary of the WIRCON group entered the Australian market in March 2017. WIRSOL have since made waves and are currently the majority owner of five projects in their public portfolio which has a cumulative capacity of 399 megawatts (MW) of which WIRSOL’s equity share is 389 megawatts (MW). Amongst these projects are the two largest solar operations in the state of Victoria. By the end of 2017 WIRSOL are set to own an impressive 19.4% of all solar projects under construction, earning the company the title of Australia’s #1 active renewable energy developer.

Beyond these well advanced projects, WIRSOL has an additional pipeline of over 470 megawatts (MW) under option. These projects are being developed by Renew Estates Pty Ltd, the development organisation co-founded and funded by WIRSOL Energy Pty Ltd. All projects are in late stage development and are expected to be ready for construction mid 2018.

The Australian market has played a significant role in the international growth of WIRSOL. Mark Hogan, Managing Director of WIRSOL Energy Pty Ltd states,

I am absolutely thrilled with our progress to date, for the next phase of our business development we have invested and partnered with Renew Estate and are well on track towards reaching our target of deploying 1 gigawatts (GW) of solar energy in Australia by 2020.”

Dr. Peter Vest, Managing Director of WIRSOL states,

We are very proud of what WIRSOL has achieved in such a short space of time in Australia and really look forward to consolidating our position in partnership with Renew Estate Pty Ltd.”


Source: Sustainable Energy Research Analytics, November 2017


More about WIRSOL Energy Pty Ltd.

WIRSOL Energy Pty Ltd is a customer focused company in planning, financing, installation and maintenance of renewable power stations of all sizes. WIRSOL brings all of these components together smoothly for customers and investors. WIRSOL focuses on carefully selected large solar projects, together with integrated energy management and storage solutions. WIRSOL’s Australian office is located in Manly, NSW, a popular suburb of Sydney, widely recognised as Australia’s solar hub. For additional information please visit

Hamilton Solar Farm | Queensland | 69MWp | Forecast operation March 2018

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