WIRSOL and Edify Joint Venture Awarded 70MW in ARENA Large Scale Solar Program

Whitsunday Solar Farm

Edify and Wirsol Joint Venture Awarded 70MW in ARENA Large Scale Solar Program

Solar Project – Whitsunday – Queensland, Australia

LONDON, UK September 8th, 2016 – Wirsol Energy Ltd (“WIRSOL”), the company founded by and a subsidiary of WIRCON GmbH that focuses on both on-shore wind markets and solar markets, today announces that through its collaboration and joint venture with Edify Energy Pty Ltd (“EDIFY”) have been awarded funding through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (“ARENA”) Large Scale Solar (“LSS”) funding round announced earlier today in Sydney.

Edify in collaboration with local developer Solar Choice developed the project and obtained the necessary licences over recent years. The advanced stage of development of the project, its scale with a 10,000 acre land footprint, the irradiation levels at the site, as well as its proximity to a grid connection are all strong project attributes.  The 70MWp solar project will be funded via the Wircon group with construction planned to start early in 2017 with a view to connect in Q4 2017.

John Cole, Chief Executive and founder of Edify, commented, “The Whitsunday project has been a key focal point for both Edify and Solar Choice over recent months and indeed years. Securing the ARENA grant funding is a milestone for this project and will help provide the catalyst in the ultimate buildout of a very large solar project with our partners Wirsol.  We welcome ARENA’s and the Queensland Government’s involvement in kick starting the utility scale solar in Australia.  We are excited to be at the forefront of the large scale Australian solar PV sector and producing a significant volume of renewable energy. This is just the beginning for Edify.”

Mark Hogan, Managing Director of Wirsol, commented, “We are delighted to have formed our joint venture with Edify under the leadership of John Cole. Having acquired several projects via a company he previously co-founded in the UK, we feel confident of the quality and reliance of this and other projects in Australia.  Having ARENA funding is a wonderful accolade and reflects our vision for the future as solar takes a stronger footing across all states in Australia”.

ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht said Australia’s big solar industry was coming of age thanks to ARENA support, ensuring large-scale solar was a competitive, sustainable energy option. ARENA had been a driving force in bringing down costs and accelerating the commerciality of large-scale solar in Australia and has carried out a multiyear plan to build capacity in Australian supply chains and expertise over successive projects,” Mr Frischknecht said, “The 12 new plants slated for funding through this round will provide enough energy to power 150,000 average Australian homes and deliver one tenth of the new capacity required to meet Australia’s 2020 renewable energy target. Australia’s big solar revolution is tantalisingly close and, as more home-grown businesses step up to provide construction, engineering and financial services, this newest tranche of ARENA-supported projects is well positioned to take the sector even closer to commerciality.”

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