WIRSOL secures updated Development Approval for Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage, Market-first Dispatchable Solar plant!

Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage - Concept Image

WIRSOL is pleased to announce that our Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage project in New South Wales has received Development Approval from the New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, bringing us one step closer to building a market first hybrid solar and energy storage plant!

As part of the huge changes occurring in the National Electricity Market, transitional arrangements are now in place to allow the registration process to occur for projects which combine renewable energy generation with energy storage. Full rule changes are expected to occur June 2024. This huge change to the rules allows renewable energy generators to evolve into “hybrid” plants, whose flexibility is far better suited to meeting the needs of Australia’s electricity market.

Located 37km South East of Dubbo, the project is planned to be approximately 235MWp of photovoltaics “DC-coupled” with 190 – 270MWh energy storage.

DC-coupling solar and energy storage involves connecting both elements directly into the inverters around site. This means that solar or grid energy can be efficiently stored for later use when the market requires it. It also allows what is known as ‘clipped’ energy to be stored, thereby increasing the effective production of the photovoltaic components compared to a traditional solar plant.

You can see the initial concept design and image for the site in the images below. As can be seen, it looks very similar to a traditional solar farm! But with the connection of energy storage units into the inverters around site.

The pairing means that the plant’s output into the grid is fully controllable, ensuring stability of supply  whilst allowing it to bid into markets previously unavailable to variable renewable energy plants.

Construction is planned to commence next year, with over 400 personnel onsite during the peak construction period.  Ideally, once construction is complete, sheep will be re-introduced back to the site to dual use the land during operations.

WIRSOL is proud to do its part to help Australia’s National Electricity Market transition to a cleaner and more reliable future.

Project summary:

  • Name: Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage
  • Location: Maryvale, NSW
  • Type: Hybrid solar + energy storage
  • Equipment size: ~235MWp Solar + 190 – 270MWh Li-Ion energy storage
  • Grid size: ~175MW
  • Area: 350 – 360ha
  • Development status: Planning approved, minor modification in progress. Grid connection application in progress.
  • Timeline: Estimated construction commence late 2023, commercial operations early 2025.
  • Dual use of land: Yes. Sheep grazing planned post construction.
  • Equivalent energy generation to: 82,000 average households
  • CO2e prevented from entering the atmosphere: 615,000 Tonnes


For further project information, contact our friendly team via

Stay tuned for more information on the opportunities we have in our pipeline that we are looking forward to embarking over the coming months, as we continue our mission to stay in our prime position amongst those leading the clean energy transition and steps towards decarbonization of Australia and the rest of the globe.

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