WIRSOL partnering with UNSW on two projects backed by ARENA funding

UNSW at WIRSOL's Gannawarra Solar Farm

WIRSOL would like to congratulate UNSW on the award of ARENA grants for two exciting projects under ARENA’s Transformative Research Accelerating Commercialisation (TRAC) Program Round 1 – “Ultra Low Cost Solar”. WIRSOL is proud to support UNSW on research projects to develop and commercialise daytime inspection solutions and machine learning applications for analysing plant performance.

These projects look to advance the understanding and optimisation of solar farm performance by combining UNSW’s expertise in solar module design, manufacturing, and performance with WIRSOL’s expertise in developing, building, and optimising the performance of utility-scale solar farms in Australia.

The photoluminescence-based research project “Daytime Inspection Solutions for Advanced Operation & Solar Farm Maintenance”, led by Professor Thorsten Trupke, seeks to combine photoluminescence imaging techniques with conventional imaging techniques to provide comprehensive in-situ monitoring of the condition of solar modules.

The AC/DC Research Group’s project, “Machine Learning Applications for Utility-Scale PV”, led by Professor Ziv Hameiri, holds the potential to significantly reduce the costs of operation and maintenance via the development of automated maintenance technology, and a heightened intelligence in plant monitoring systems.

WIRSOL is delighted to be partnering with UNSW in these projects through the provision of financial support and additional contributions over the life of both projects, through the provision of our staff expertise and access to our extensive site Portfolio (such as Gannawarra, as shown in the photo attached).

You can find out more about the two projects here:

Best of luck to both, and we look forward to seeing the results!

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